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Bad website design and aesthetics can deter website visitors in as little as 1/20th of a second according to Canadian research

Bad website design and aesthetics can deter website visitors in as little as 1/20th of a second according to Canadian research

Researchers at Carleton University, Ottawa, found that people form opinions about your website as fast as 1/20th of a second after viewing it, making website design aesthetics an important factor in the success of your website. However, aesthetics is not the only factor in good website design.

Take too much of a minimalist approach with your website design and it will contain insufficient content to rank well in search results, clutter it up with buttons, multiple flash animations, automatically activated music, hard to read text, or more colors than a circus tent and you’ll do more harm than good.

For your website to attract and retain customers it needs to have a professional design, similar to a meal prepared by a 5-star chef, rather than a pizza with as many ingredients piled on top of the base as possible.

It’s pointless wanting 20 or 30 different but predominantly sized features and functions incorporated into the landing page website design and also having a requirement to not go below the “fold” – unless you want a website that is disproportionately wide to high.

Aspects of good website design

all elements of a website design should be clearly distinguishable
colors used in the website design should be gentle on the eye
flash animation should be avoided, or kept to a minimum
The fonts used for body text and headings needs careful consideration
all content text should be well written, keyword optimized and above all else, original
automatically activated music should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and then only used with a
clearly found option for the visitor to deactivate it
Popups should be kept to a minimum and be easily dismissed
Websites should be designed with the needs of the visitor in mind, not just the desires of the website owner
Do not use narrow-gutted 960 pixel or the even older 760 pixel wide templates

The best website designs are those that don’t draw attention to the design itself, but which allow you to move immediately into the process of interacting with the site, finding what you want as quickly as possible and moving on with your life.

It’s a fact that very few web designers are skilled in setting up and optimizing websites so that they rank highly in search by Google and other search engines.

For that reason every website Pattaya Web Services designs and builds utilizes people with professional skills in graphic design, programming, photography, SEO copywriting, and search engine optimization as part of the process.

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