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Amongst the plethora of self-proclaimed search engine optimization "experts" there is more than a handful who are little more than snake oil salesmen

Amongst the plethora of self-proclaimed search engine optimization "experts" there is more than a handful who are little more than snake oil salesmen

It’s doubtful if any other industry apart from search engine optimization (SEO) has as many self-proclaimed “experts”, with sadly, many of those “experts” peddling little more than snake oil and using “smoke and mirrors” to mask their ineptitude from unsuspecting website owners.

SEO techniques are classed into two categories – “white hat” SEO uses techniques recommended by search engine companies as part of good design and website structure, and designed to generate results for long periods of time, so-called “black hat” SEO uses techniques that search engines don’t approve, risking websites being excluded from search engine results pages (SERPs) if detected.

Google says its SERPs are the result of more than 200 different “signals” being analyzed and weighted, and just like Bing, and Yahoo, it refuses to disclose what “signals” its algorithms measure, let alone how much weight is given to any particular “signal”.

In the wake of the New York Times report on the manner in which US retailer J.C. Penney had used thousands of irrelevant and dubiosly obtained backlinks to manipulate search results, Google released a new search algorithm which saw the focus again move back to the quality and originality of website content, along with the frequency a website is updated – though the number of backlinks pointing back to a website or webpage is still an influencing factor amongst the 200 “signals” monitored.

Pattaya Web Services has extensive experience at effectively applying the guidelines and recommendations of search engine companies, along with techniques deemed effective by specialist SEO consulting firms, to our clients websites to achieve higher SERPs and in the first 30-days after completing a new website spend extensive amounts of time time tweaking and finely adjusting the completed project to better leverage search results.

Search engine optimization may necessitate editing or re-writing a website’s content (SEO copywriting), modifying HTML, or altering a websites structure to increase its relevance for specific keywords. Some elements of design may also need to be modified – flash animations, iframes and table-based websites being three serious website design problems that negatively impact SEO

Internal linking of pages on the same website, as well as increasing the number of backlinks from other websites are also effective search engine optimization techniques used by Pattaya Web Services.

While there is an abundance of competent website designers and programmers, it’s a fact that the vast majority of them know little about how to optimally setup a website to leverage SERPs, meaning that many good websites fail to achieve the position in SERPs that they could.

During website construction Pattaya Web Services pays particular attention to the recommendations provided by the  search engine companies, with text, images and video content being SEO’d during the build process.

For owners of existing websites that are not generating the number of visitors expected we provide a website analysis service where we look at the core factors necessary to achieve good SERPs, and provide website owners with a list of onsite and offsite factors that need to be addressed.

In all instances our recommendations are aimed at generating the right kind of customer for your website – those that want to buy your product or service.

Pattaya Web Services knows that achieving improved SERPs for competitive keywords takes time and effort, and advises website owners to be cautious of “SEO experts” who guarantee Google front page rankings for highly competitive search terms in short periods of time, or the snake oil salesmen who use obscure or long-tail keyword phrases which undoubtedly end up in the top 10, but for terms that do not drive quality visitors to your site.

Search engine optimization techniques used by Pattaya Web Services

Professional website analysis using a variety of SEO tools
Keyword identification and analysis of traffic attracting capability
Listing on key directories
Generating backlinks
Repairing broken internal links
SEO copywriting and editing of website content
Optimizing images and video for search engines
Ensuring the webpage URL structure is optimised
Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Forums, etc
Ensuring each webpage’s meta data is structured correctly
Correctly using the “canonical” meta tag and 301 redirects
Frequently updating webpages with high quality website content to increase the frequency of search engine
Blocking webpages that add no value to your website and which can distract search engines

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