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Website 101: Traditional website or CMS?

Does your website need a CMS?

Website design has changed dramatically since the Mosaic web browser was introduced in 1993, with increasing amounts of bandwidth, more powerful computers, and increasingly sophisticated web browsers all contributing to increased functionality and design capabilities. While not so long ago internet websites were created by programmers writing millions of lines of code, web development applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft’s Frontpage (since replaced by Microsoft Expression Web), and Apple’s iWeb allowed webpages to be designed and created using a graphical interface with minimal coding knowledge saw a flood of mostly poorly designed and functioning websites created as every home, community and organization jumped onto the the dot-com boom and racing to claim their piece of the new frontier called the “internet”. Though these internet development applications make light work of website design, and creation, the results are very much like a stack of loose-leaf paper, with nothing binding the stack together apart from the code linking each page, in a similar manner to a piece of string threaded through ring-binder holes punched in the figurative stack of paper. Building a … Continue reading

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Website creation 101 – Domain name & hosting

Building a website is similar to building a house or office. Proper planning prevents poor performance

Building a website is much like building a house and follows the four Ps – proper planning prevents poor performance. In other words get the foundations laid first and have a plan of where your want to finish before coding work commences, or run the risk of wasting money, delays in getting your website live, and possibly having to throw away a lot of work previously done. A website is a reflection of you and your company and spending time with your website designer discussing your requirements and the features and functions you require is vital if costs are to be minimized and results maximized. The “I want a website… go and build one for me” approach is doomed to failure. The first step in constructing a website is to register the domain name – the name of your website, eg, To to do that you need to first see if the name you want is available. Pattaya Web Services use Go Daddy for researching and purchasing domain names, though there are several other domain name registrars you can … Continue reading

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