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Just as technology is constantly changing, Google expects your website to be constantly being updated with those that regularly update their website content rating higher in search results

Just as technology is constantly changing, Google expects your website to be constantly being updated with those that regularly update their website content rating higher in search results

Google has constantly preached that “content is king” and while its credibility came in for a hit over the the New York Times report on the way US retailer J.C. Penney had been manipulating Google search results with thousands of irrelevant backlinks, its Panda algorithm update has well and truly returned the focus to the quality and originality of content on a websites.

Just as the world is constantly changing with technological advances and scientific breakthroughs made each month, Google expects websites to change too, and those that fail to update website content will see their position in search results slipping, as Google ranks websites with fresher content above those that remain static.

Whereas in the past it may have been possible to get away with content copied from other websites and simply “top” and “tailed”, the Google algorithm in use today is vastly more sophisticated and able to readily detect content that is essentially a duplication of an item on another website, resulting in the copied content being excluded from search results.

Pattaya Web Services is able to provide fresh, well researched and grammatically correct website content on a range of topics including: travel and tourism, Southeast Asia, science, medical, building and construction, business, human rights, engineering, law, in fact, almost any topic at all on either a recurring or ad-hoc basis.

It’s a fact that quality website content not only gets indexed faster by Google ending up higher in search results, but more frequent updates of content result in Google and other search engine spiders crawling your site more frequently, grabbing additional content from previously crawled pages and affecting those in search results at the same time.

In addition, the more quality website content you have, the more owners of other websites will refer to your site, with the increasing number of links indicating to Google the authoritativeness of your website, again affecting how frequently it is crawled and the position of individual pages in search results.

In addition to providing fresh original content, Pattaya Web Services can also generate high quality, machine-spun and hand edited variations of the same content for placement on “article farms”, where owners of other websites go looking for content to use on their blogs, which generates more backlinks to your site.

All Pattaya Web Services website content is written by native-English speaking journalists with extensive levels of knowledge and expertise in the fields they write on, and many years of international journalism experience.

In addition, all website content provided by Pattaya Web Services is keyword optimized and provided with suggested keywords for search engine optimization purposes, unless the client provides the keywords they want the article optimized for at the time of ordering.

Website content prices

For website content of between 350 and 500 words in length, including research time:

Per article Bt 600 – $US 20.00* – $A 19.50* – £ 12.50* – € 14.00*

If additional variants of the same article are required:

First article variation: Bt 300 – $US 10.00* – $A 9.70* – £ 6.25* – € 7.00*

Additional article variations: Bt 200 – $US 6.75* – $A 6.50* – £ 4.00* – € 4.75*

Longer length feature articles (600 words+)

Per 100 words (pro rata) (includes research time) Bt 250 – $US 8.50* – $A 8.10* – £ 5.20* – € 5.90*

If you require content on an ongoing basis different rates may apply.

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