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Download ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth – A must read for all business & website owners

ZMOT: Winning the zero moment of truth

Earlier this year Google released a free eBook that every business or website owner that sells any sort of product or service online – even if that is just selling Ad-sense impressions from site visitors – should read titled ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth. Written by Jim Lecinski, Google’s managing director of US Sales & Service and chief ZMOT evangelist,ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth takes a fresh look at what consumer goods manufacturer Proctor & Gamble (P&G) termed the First moment of truth” (FMOT) in 2005 – a concept that became so integral to the way P&G does business that it hired a dedicated FMOT officer. The “First moment of truth” (FMOT) was coined to describe the moment of decision when a consumer is in a store and reaches for a product on the shelf and was examined in a Wall Street Journal article on September 21, 2005. The growth of the internet, social networking and mobile computing has seen the FMOT evolve to the ZMOT, with P&Gs former director of FMOT, Dina Howell, now chief … Continue reading

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