Content is king returns with Google’s new search algorithm

Matt Cutts: Google's new search algorithm will provide better rankings for high-quality sites with original content.

With about two-thirds of the search engine market globally, the change to Google’s search algorithm to such an extent is a rare admission by the company that the much sought after “user experience” was being manipulated too much through spamy and often irrelevant methods, including search engine optimisation (SEO) and questionable links. A highly publicised recent example was US retailing giant J.C. Penney, who the New York Times claimed had been manipulating Google search results to maintain the number one place for a range of keyword searches, including bedding, and dresses. In The Dirty Little Secrets of Search the New York Times said: “Someone paid to have thousands of links placed on hundreds of sites scattered around the web, all of which lead directly to The article claimed there were links to’s dresses page, from sites about aluminum sheet, cameras, cars, diseases, dogs, online games, fishing, dentists and many more with no relationship to dresses or the fashion industry – the ordinary source such links would be expected to originate from. Manipulating Google PR through purchasing links is … Continue reading

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Website creation 101 – Domain name & hosting

Building a website is similar to building a house or office. Proper planning prevents poor performance

Building a website is much like building a house and follows the four Ps – proper planning prevents poor performance. In other words get the foundations laid first and have a plan of where your want to finish before coding work commences, or run the risk of wasting money, delays in getting your website live, and possibly having to throw away a lot of work previously done. A website is a reflection of you and your company and spending time with your website designer discussing your requirements and the features and functions you require is vital if costs are to be minimized and results maximized. The “I want a website… go and build one for me” approach is doomed to failure. The first step in constructing a website is to register the domain name – the name of your website, eg, To to do that you need to first see if the name you want is available. Pattaya Web Services use Go Daddy for researching and purchasing domain names, though there are several other domain name registrars you can … Continue reading

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Australian Court ruling highlights website content plagiarism risks

Google and other search engines will ignore content that you copy from another website

Two weeks ago we kicked off this blog with a general article on the importance of website content where we looked at content quality and the penalties Google imposes on websites that take unique content from one website and post it on their own as their own original content. Another aspect of taking material from one website and posting it on your own website that we didn’t cover was the legal one of breach of copyright. While some people take the view that anything they find on the internet is fair game and able to be taken and used for their own purposes, this is not the case and plagiarism and/or breach of copyright laws in most countries mean that those who take other peoples content and use it as their own, either with or without attribution to the original source, can face steep fines and even jail terms, in addition to having that content ignored by Google and other search engines. Despite popular opinion to the contrary, copyright is automatically vested in the creator of these items without the … Continue reading

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Social Network Marketing as an alternate to Google AdWords

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to generating website traffic. Pattaya Web Services uses a variety of means to increase traffic to your website

There’s nothing truer than the old adage that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing and when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), Google’s AdWords, and increasing website traffic, nothing can be truer. Website owners often see AdWords as an all-solving panacea to increasing website traffic. While the internet is full of arguments for and against the use of Google AdWords, versus the benefits of optimizing a website for organic search results, there are some pretty well defined facts and it is largely dependent upon what you wish to achieve and how deep your pockets are. Google AdWords has the ability to almost rapidly increase the number of people visiting your website, but also has the ability to suck up a lot of money. An operation the size of Google doesn’t come cheaply and in 2009 Google generated more than $US23 billion in revenue from AdWords, it’s primary advertising revenue stream. On the other hand, spending the effort creating and posting original website content and optimizing a website for organic search results takes time, money and generally … Continue reading

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The importance of website content

Google loves fresh and original content, but copy other peoples content at your risk

For years Google, the ruler of the global search engine world, has continuously stressed the importance of “original content” and the “user experience” when talking about the different algorithms it uses to grade website content. Original content is fairly self explanatory – it’s website content that you haven’t taken off another website and placed on your own as your own material. While the chances of being caught plagiarizing another websites content might be moderate – it can and does happen – the chances of avoiding detection for this by Google is very low. While Google won’t report you to the authorities, it will penalize you in other ways, taking on the role of inquisitor, prosecutor, judge, and executioner, all in less time than it takes you to read this paragraph. The end result is your website content is ignored, wasting the time and/or money you went to creating it. User experience refers to what users find once they visit your website. Website content that is jammed with keywords, or which contains dozens of highlighted, color coded, or underlined anchor text … Continue reading

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